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"Itsumo" means "always" in Japanese.

Itsumo will always bring you the highest quality, consistency and tasting natural tuna products!


Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna


Ingredients & Processes


Japanese Sashimi Standards

Catch & Production

Itsumo is a world leader in Sashimi Ahi production with 20 tons processed daily. We have facilities in Japan and the Southern Philippines.

Itsumo patented chemical free, CO free, and Chlorine free shelf life extension and pathogen elimination technology yields true Japanese grade AAA #1 Ahi tuna. This ensures unsurpassed consistency, colour, quality and taste that customers deserve.

Itsumo Tuna Loin

Quality Control

Implementing numerous quality control techniques from catch to handling, transporting, and processing, Itsumo maintains its superior quality advantage by starting with only the best raw material.

Itsumo is the result of a stringent procurement process overseen by Japanese fishermen, graders, and producers with expertise and focused attention to detail.

National Geographic Interview

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